Pond Dipping

On Friday we went pond dipping after I noticed that the pond was teaming with life.

Here’s what we caught.


So, after separating out the pond weed we found we had loads of creatures.


In this next picture you can see the newt we caught, one of the large dragonfly nymphs, a mayfly nymph (bottom right corner), and a damselfly nymph (on top of the newt).


And here is some more of the dragonfly nymphs of different sizes, and some of the water beetles and water boatmen.


The kids got to practice using a key to identify the creatures. We think that we had diving beetles, greater water boatman, lesser water boatman, pond skaters, dragonfly nymphs, damselfly nymphs, mayfly nymphs, the newt and a few other things that we didn’t identify.  There were no tadpoles.  A few weeks ago we had masses of frog spawn and loads of tadpoles.  Many died when they dried out in the sun as they stayed right next to the end of the pond in the sun.  Some had survived that though as I’d seen them in the pond just after the sunny spell.  They might have become food for those dragonfly nymphs though.


3 thoughts on “Pond Dipping

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  2. linda james

    i do hope there are still tadpoles hiding there…you had so many…a great study for the children good photo’s !!


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